About Me

The name’s Phil!  I’m a 23 year old husband and graduate of Shawnee State University.  I don’t blog as much as I use to or that I’d want to, but if you’re here then you have obviously found something that has enticed you.  I’m a young and reformed dude, though I am not quite as restless as some of my peers.  I love watching good TV with my wife and the occasional game of Donky Kong, though she’s much better than I am.  We have a lovely and dapper Boston Terrier named Meaty.

I love fantasy and sci-fi stories, from comic books to movies, I enjoy them all.  I love to read, though lately I have not been able to as much as I would like.  I enjoy writing on the topic of popular culture and how it relates to the gospel and what we can learn from it.  You’ll find posts on Lady Gaga, Spider-man, and Jersey Shore.

I currently work in the financial services industry but my real passion lies in non-profit work and would love to make transition one day, while still being able to provide for my family, only time will tell.  Any questions, feel free to ask!


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