Classism and Contemporary Pastoral Training

Pastor Dave Online

seminary I am the product of a particular kind of culture, a culture of academics and education. I went to college and was trained by a well-educated pastor. I went to a strong academic seminary and was friends with PhD candidates and professors. I have been shaped and influenced by this highly academic culture. I am thankful for it, but not everyone has these same experiences. I have been wondering lately what this means for pastoral-training. There is a growing fear in me that we are creating an unhealthy trend in the church by means of our present models of pastoral training.  The present model of pastoral training utilized in much of the west perpetuates a kind of classism within the church.

A great many churches in America are pastored by middle-class males. That’s largely because Seminaries attract and equip middle-class males. The result has been a view of ministerial leadership…

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