Reflections on Father’s Day



This Father’s Day is little bit more special to me than others.  It will be the last Father’s Day where I don’t have a child of my own.  I am excited to bring my little companion into this world, and also a little bit scared.  I was the youngest child in my family, so I had no baby brothers or sisters to look after, my sister has no kids yet so I have no baby nieces or nephews, no baby cousins.  I’m new to this whole “baby” thing (though, Lisa has promised to teach me everything I need to know).

There are a bunch of things I’m excited to do with my first born.  I am excited to watch The Brave Little Toaster with them (my favorite).  I’m excited to introduce them to the world of Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, and MegaMan.  I’m excited to read bedtime stories to my child and watch their imagination race.  I’m excited to teach my child the truth of the Gospel, and I won’t be scared that secular universities will steal their soul.

I’m excited to send my kid to camp for the first time, and see him fall in love with it.  I’m excited to talk to them and share ideas and know what they will be passionate about.  I can’t wait to know my child.


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