I Don’t Need Your Handouts! I’m an Adult!

I am officially an adult”, a title I have inherited since graduating from college about a week ago.  It’s kind of funny, growing up all you hear is how you have to go to college if you want a decent job and how if you don’t go to college you are going to end up in some dead-end job where you are barely making ends meat.  Now that I am out of college and looking for one of these great jobs I was promised my entire life thanks to my college degree, I am being told to swallow my pride and take a job at a fast food company because “some income is better than no income”.  While that is true, this isn’t what was peddled to me for 13 years in public school.  I didn’t go $20,000 into debt to work at the same job the stoner from my high school has worked at since he was 16.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I went to college and wouldn’t take it back for anything.  I’ve grown so much since going away to school and actually feel like I can live on my own and take of myself.  Not to mention that I met my fiancée at school and that alone is worth the $20,000 ($37,000 including hers) that I now owe the department of education.  It’s no wonder that we see things like Occupy Wall street popping up all over the nation.  Well sell our children these lies and delusions of grandeur about this magical world that a college degree will open up to them, and then we mock them for not wanting to take a job where they can’t even pay back the debt they occurred chasing this fantasy.

These next couple of weeks for me will be spent trying to find a job where I can support me and my future wife on (not to mention pay for a wedding).  I’m pretty optimistic though, I know that God provides… so I’m not too worried.  My fiancée and Best Friend are both working at camp this summer so I’m going to be experiencing a completely new level of boredom.  I have an interview with Roxane Laboratories set up, which from what I’ve heard and read is a great job to get in with.  Good pay and good benefits, so here’s hoping that works out.  I hope to get my driver’s license by the end of the month and if I can secure this job, get a car by the end of summer.  In a 7 month period I will have gotten engaged, graduated college, got my driver’s license, get my first big boy job, and get married.  It’s like I saved all my key life moments for the same time.


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