For some reason beyond me, people still seem to support the Kony movement.  I blogged earlier in the week about why I am not a supporter of Kony2012 and why I think other people shouldn’t be as well.  And since my post, even more unflattering information has been exposed about Kony2012.

Kony hasn’t been in Uganda in about half a decade and we aren’t even sure he is still alive.  The Ugandan people know this and they are offended by the fact that we are taking away their dignity to “Capture Kony”.  In a recent airing of the Kony video in Uganda, the locals rioted.  Uganda is messed up and needs a lot of help, but not help from Kony, help from a corrupt government that the United States help put into power.  A government that has killed so many more people than Kony has been accused of killing.  But let’s not talk about that.  Speaking of which, it’s kind of suspicious that support for invading Uganda (and make no mistake, having our military go into another country is an invasion) is being drummed up shortly after billions of barrels of oil was found under Uganda’s soil.  But it’s not like our country would ever sell us an illegal invasion by telling us we were stopping a madman from hurting his native people, right? (Read: Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, etc).

Just yesterday, Jason Russell (the main guy from the Kony video who brainwashed his kid into wanting to see Kony killed) was arrested for being intoxicated in public, doing a sexual act in public, and vandalizing cars in California yesterday.  This guy wants us to give him money (only about one-third of which will even make its way to Uganda, the other two-thirds go towards salaries which are obviously being used on drugs).  If you haven’t seen the TMZ video of this guy, you should check it out, be warned though it is NSFW.

And finally this video sums up how I think a lot of Christians should feel about this issue.  I disagree on him about the importance of Kony, but around 1:25 is when we starts talking about what all Christians should be talking about when it comes to Kony2012


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