Why Do Christians Hate America?

According to George Barna: “With its 195 million unchurched people, America has become the new mission field. America has more unchurched people than the entire populations of all but 11 of the world’s 194 nations.”*

According to Lost in America, by Tom Clegg and Warren Bird, 2001: “The unchurched population in the United States is so extensive that, were it a nation, it would be the fifth-largest on the planet. . . . Researchers and analysts describe North America as the world’s third-largest mission field.”

According to Os Guiness, in World Evangelization, Vol. 18, No 65, 1993: “The three strongest national challenges to the Gospel in the modern world are Japan, Western Europe, and the United States.”

According to George Gallup in 1997, only ten years ago: “More than 44% of American adults 18 and over are unchurched; 120 million Americans have no substantial Christian memory.”

Barna affirms Gallup. Consider: “America’s secularization has gone from only 15% in the 1950s up to 40% in 2001; and headed for 60% percent by 2010!” (Secularization means basing the decisions of one’s life on a secular humanist, relativist moral world view. Judeo-Christian values and the Bible are no longer the moral foundation of decision making in life for the vast majority of Americans.)

According to America: An Emerging Mission Field in World Christian Encyclopedia, Second Edition p.27: “In 2000, the United States sent out 118,200 missionaries, but it also received 33,200. Ironically, the world’s largest missionary-sending country has now become the world’s largest missionary-receiving country.” Not to mention:
The world’s largest Buddhist temple is located in Boulder, CO, USA
The world’s largest Muslim training center is in New York City, USA
The world’s largest training center for transcendental meditation is in Fairfield, Iowa, USA

According to Leighthon Ford, evangelist and Christian leader, “North America is now the largest mission field in the English-speaking world” (Cities’ and surrounding areas’ concentrated populations make them obvious targets for sharing the Gospel).

The number of churches in Chicago has decreased by 900 in the last 10 years! In many cases what were once churches are now condominiums.

England, the once great Christian missionary-sending nation for centuries, before America, now has more mosques than churches, and must itself be reached all over again with the Gospel! We are on this same path.

The more I look into and pursue doing Urban Missions in America, the more anti-america sentiment I seem to come across.  I get sarcastic comments about how I think America is the only country worthy of salvation, comments on how I don’t care about other nations or tribes who need the gospel.  I understand that the church has glamorized overseas missions (and not undeservingly, it’s crucial) and that being a missionary in America is greatly looked down upon.  When someone puts as their facebook status something about how mission work is needed in a different country, everyone comments about how they are praying for that country, how much work is needed there, etc.  When I change my status to facts about how America needs the gospel, I get attacked from Christians who tell me I attacking overseas missions.  This has me ask the question, why do American Evangelical Christians, hate America?


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