R.I.P. To A Great Man

Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth died today! Fred Shuttlesworth was a U.S. civil rights activist who led the fight against segregation and other forms of racism as a minister in Birmingham, Alabama, and woe is us! We’re in a lot of trouble!

For the most part, October 5th 2011 will be remembered for when Steve Jobs of Apple Inc fame died.  It’s rather disgusting that the death of one of the civil rights leaders gets hardly any attention because of Steve Jobs passing away.  I’m sure Steve was a nice guy, and it’s always mournful when someone passes away (especially someone who may not know the Lord), but really…. why are we grieving Steve Jobs more than Fred Shuttlesworth?  It’s because Steve Jobs made our lives better?  No.  It’s because Steve Jobs have become associated with being cool and hip, and made it easier to carry our illegal downloaded music in our pocket.  Fred Shuttlesworth actually committed his life to making other people’s lives better.  Endured beatings and humiliation for what he believed in.  What kind of recognition does his death receive?  A little corner article tucked away in the culture section of a local newspaper.

We’re in a lot of trouble when a man who hordes billions of dollars worth of wealth is exalted to near God status by many of his fans gets polarized in our society, yet a man who was willing to die serving the Lord and what he knew was right hardly gets remembered.  Woe is us!


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