They Don’t Know About Us

My biggest pet peeve about Christians is the willful ignorance we often seem to put ourselves in.  There are Christians all across the globe literally put their lives on the line everyday to learn more and more about their faith.  I find it so aggravating when Christians my age in America don’t care about learning.  I understand that not everyone is into learning about Philosophy and Theology, but it seems to me that God has blessed American Christians so much, and we offer nothing back.  To whom much is given, much more is expected.  I hate that when a classic questions such as “How can God allow bad things to happen to good people?” gets ask, people just lose it and either refuse to engage in a conversation about the topic or answer it with the worse logic possible.  I just find it so aggravating how willfully ignorant we are as a people.

I tried to tell em we was comin’, go on, let us in
Why they hatin’ like we all a bunch of Hooligans?
No Gimmicks, Spirit in my lyrics
Know when people hear it they gon’ love or they fear it
And how we flow, when we show up at a show
They say we go S.O. hard in the paint, they can’t wait
for some moe’
But some others say we preachin’, some close-minded
Like we aint heard of Marx, Locke, and Nietzsche,
Believe me

– Tedashii “Dum Dum”




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