God Is Not Good

Let’s get something out of the air early, when I say God is not good, I do not mean that God is bad, evil, amoral, or anything of the sort.  To the contrary, everything that is good and right and holy is of and from God.  So what do I mean then, when I say God is not good?

First, let’s look at the saying “God is good”.  when we use the term good to describe something, we are comparing it to a standard that is outside that which we are describing.  If I for example say that I am a good person, then i am comparing myself to some ultimate standard of good which I measure up to.  To put it biblically, humans are not good because we do not measure up to God.  God is the ultimate source of all that is good.  To say God is good, is saying God is God.  Good is only good because it aligns itself up with Gods character.

We’re living in a society that has become so infatuated with the saying God is good, that everything that happens which does not immediately help us in a tangible manner is seen as not “of God”.  If you hit the lottery, praise God!  If you’re spouse dies in a car accident, Satan is trying to get at you.  We live in a world where if something is not good by our standards, then it is not from God.  But that takes away from God.  We elevate goodness to the place of God.  A simple saying that conveys how glorious God is, has perverted our thoughts of God.  It’s the same with “God is love”.  We no longer know if God is something, or if that something is our god.

I understand that with our minds being finite and our cultural and our language being limited, we must use saying such as God is good and God is love in order to convey a certain message to others.  But we cannot forget that the only reason why God is good or why God is love, is because everything that is good or lovely is that way because it lines up with Gods character.  Helping others is good because it lines up with Gods character, if it did not line up with Gods character, helping others would not be good.  It’s the same reason why sin is bad.  Sin is sin because it does not align with who God is.

A friend of mine once told me that God is not good, God is not love, God simply is.  God is.


One response to “God Is Not Good

  1. God is good – it’s plain – it’s simple – it’s relevant. Do not make something “hard” to understand that is simple. God is not a complicated God – He is good. Plain and simple. Nehemiah 2:18 Then I told them of the hand of my God which was good upon me; – you can’t anymore plain than that. When you start utilizing verbiage that says “God is NOT good,” you will start confusing some people – (which you KNOW will happen.) And yes, compare God. He compared Himself to other “gods” and said He was THE I AM. God above gods. Keep it simple – keep it plain – keep it Bible. God IS Good – He always has been, always will be.

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