With Hope In Our Hearts And Bricks In Our Hands

…we sing for change

It’s hard to pick up a newspaper or watch the news lately without seeing riots and revolutions making the headlines.  Beginning with Tunis and Eygpt at the beginning of the year, and most recently in England with a wave of riots, images like the one above have been seen constantly.

Maybe it’s the hopeless 21 year-old rebel inside of me, but I love to see revolutions taking place.  Not so much riots (as seen in England, it’s just an excuse to go about looting), but I love to seeing a group of people who have felt wrong, spring up and take the power back.  It’s so captivating and romantic to read about.  It’s what our country was founded on, and something that has been taught to us for decades and decades, when the government stops working… get a new government.  I’m not advocating a complete revolution of the United States government, I’m not convinced it has ceased to completely stop working.  However, I am growing faint of the youth in the United States who have just become apathetic to the entire ordeal.  We live in this amazing country of freedom, and nobody seems to care anymore.  I understand that some people are out there with there little signs trying to say something, and that’s fine.  But it’s usually for something like PETA, or extreme left-wing activisim.

And then there is the group of people who sit around and complain, but do absolutely nothing about it.  If you honestly think something is wrong and/or broken with the system, then fix it!  Or, at least try to.  Sitting around on your couch watching “The Basektball Wives” isn’t going to solve anything.  Agree or disagree with the Arab Spring, at least they are doing something about how they feel.

However, I don’t feel like the revolutions are behind us.  With the media attention growing and the economic situation in America becoming more and more unstable by the day, it would not surprise me if rioting began to outbreak here in the states in the next couple of months.  All it takes is a couple of college idealists to take the lead, and like sheep, thousands of adolecents will follow into the fire.


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