This isn’t going to be a post about “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga, sorry.  However, it will be about a topic that I have struggled with understanding until recently, that topic being obviously, Glory.

Glory is always presented in the bible as a result of accepting Christ, we will be glorified with Christ in Heaven and on the New Earth.  We know that Christ was glorified by the father when he was crucified for our transgressions.  But other then that, we don’t know much about what it means to be glorified.  I’ve always thought of being glorified as a sort of attention.  For example, if I were to glorify Tim Tebow, I would tell everyone about him and cheer for him at every chance.  So is this what happens when we “go to be with the Lord”?  This seems a bit, egotistical.  It seemed to me that it was saying “Worship me and when you die, I will worship you!”, I knew that’s not what it meant.  So the concept of glory and being glorified was somewhat lost on me for awhile.  It wasn’t until I read “The Weight of Glory” by CS Lewis that I finally came to grasp a understanding on what it meant by the term “glory”

CS Lewis made the connection that we are created to enjoy God and worship him forever, something that we often fail at doing; and that when we are glorified by God, it is the equivalent of God being pleased with us.  And that hit me pretty hard.  In a sense, it would be as if we are making God smile when he glorifies us.  He is telling all of creation that he is happy with us.  I loved that analogy.  And while it helped me understand what glory was, I still didn’t have that firm of a grasp on it.  It wasn’t until I thought about it in more of an applicable way for me that I really think I got it.

In a more finite sense for myself to understand, I compared it, of course, to girls.  I think every guy can relate to that amazing feeling you get when you make the girl you like laugh.  Genuinely laugh.  Especially when you’re not trying really.  I know it sounds really lame to compare being glorified by God to making a girl laugh, but I think most guys can relate with me here.  Of course, the glory of God is a infinite amount more awesome then anything we could comprehend here on earth.  And I think that’s why it was really hard for me to really grasp the concept of glory, and maybe for others it is as well.  So maybe this will help.  Maybe not, idk.


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