Cleaning Out My (Social Networking) Closet

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Tumblr, WordPress, Youtube, Photobucket, Ping, Google+, Okurt, OKCupid, a Last.FM.  These are all the social networking accounts I have (to my memory).  What else do all these sites have in common?  They suck all the free time out of my life and into them.  Why?  My favorite site out of these is tumblr, and lets face it… nobody goes to my tumblr.  I’m sharing these freaking awesome pictures and stuff and nobody is seeing it unless I directly link them to it.  Facebook?  Facebook use to be pretty cool, now I can’t log on without seeing pictures plastering my news feed of people making out.  First off, nobody wants to see that.  Second off, isn’t awkward to take a picture of yourself while you have your tongue down someone elses throat?  And to be honest, I think we all only use it to peer into our friends lives when we are too sheepish to ask questions.

Twitter?  Yeah that’s fun and you don’t have to see pictures of people trying to eat other peoples faces off… but nobody i personally know really uses it.  I mostly follow celebs and comedians (by the way if you’re not following Jim Gaffigan, you’re really missing out).  Google+ is pretty sweet, but there are like 4 people total who use it.  I love wordpress of course, but besides the 23 or so of you guys who read this, nobody knows my blog even exists.  This is just gonna turn into incriminating evidence one day.  Youtube?  Yeah, watching laughing baby videos are hardly making me into a better person.  Last.FM is cool, but with the emergence of Spotify (if you don’t have Spotify, you’re losing out!) it has become obsolete.

Since I was 13 and got my first myspace account (8 years ago), I have been integrated into the world wide web about as deep as you can.  Now it’s gotten to a point where these social networking sites have actually crippled any real social experience I have.  The product that was produced to help is actually harming.  It would be like if rape whistles attracted rapists. That’s why this year for lent I’m going to give up social networking, gasp! horror!  And yes, I know I’m not catholic, but lent gives me a concrete day on the calendar to start this, otherwise I will just keep putting it off until I just forget about.

So there you have it, for 46 days (starting on Feb. 22) I will be gone from the internet.  I will periodically post updates via my blog, but that’s it when it comes to social networking.


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