Philosophy & Religion & MTV

As some of you may be aware, I’m going to be changing my major to Philosophy & Religion soon.  With wanting to pursue graduate studies at seminary, I feel that it makes more sense to receive a major in Philosophy and Religion as opposed to Sociology.  I’m already scheduled for all my classes this semester, so I’m going to go through with them and then hopefully change my major before the start of spring semester.  I haven’t told that many people, but the people I have told have for the most part given me that typical reaction when you say you’re a philosophy major, “what are you gonna do with that?!”.  Well honestly, probably the exact same thing I would have done with a degree in sociology.

I still would love to get a degree (masters or doctorate) in popular culture.  It is just something that interests me so very much.  I love how pop culture reflects so much of society.  I might seriously consider that after seminary, I think the popular culture intake for the church is very skewed.  We either ignore it completely or embrace it too much.  Like all things “worldly” you have to find the balance, we are called to be in it but not of it.  I feel that most churches are either not in it or completely of it.  I hate when churches use sermon messages like “The Gospel according to Star Wars” to lure in young people.  I have no problem with churches using popular culture, but using it as a ploy to get young people just seems a bit ridiculous.  Especially if you’re 55 year old pastor is trying to tie Ke$ha into a sermon.

On a completely unrelated subject, it bugs me when people suddenly become huge fans of celebrities (especially musicians) after they die.  Recently Amy Winehouse passed away, and now suddenly everyone was a huge winehouse fan.  I couldn’t find an Amy Winehouse fan to save my life while she was living, now that she passed away everyone is “mourning” her loss.  Give me a break.  I’m not saying you can’t mourn the tragic loss of a young musician, who according to her testimony died a non-believer; but there is no need to pretend that you have been a Wine-head since her first album, “Frank”.


One more thing, make sure you keep checking The Blessed Rebellion blog!  My first post was published today, a review of Captain America!



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