I Started Running But There’s Nowhere To Run To

So I almost didn’t write this blog because I thought it would come across as whiny and self-pity and you people would judge me.  Then I thought “screw you guys, it’s my blog!”. The longer I’m single, the longer I feel that I will be single for, if that makes any sense, probably not.  Let me explain.  I feel that the longer I’m single, the higher my expectations become, and the harder it becomes for someone to live up to them.  Which is weird, most people become desperate after so long of being single, not me… I get more picky.  Maybe I do it out of self-defense, or perhaps out of spite.  But regardless, it happens.  I guess only time will tell if someone will be able to meet up unrealistically high standards.

Me and two friends (Matt and Alex) were talking a few nights ago, and one thing we came to the conclusion of is that Men need to step up and be leaders.  But more-so then that (I believe) is women need to sit-down and follow.  I know so many girls that say they want a male Christian leader, but they stop supporting him when he does or says something they don’t like.  It’s a two-way street.  Men can’t lead if there is nobody there to follow.

Another issue we discussed was modesty.  We understand that girls aren’t always aware of this, our brains are wired differently, guys pick up on things girls don’t and vice-versa.  But really ladies, step up your game.  And when your brother pulls you to the side and asks you not to wear a bikini or any other garment, respect that.  Otherwise, you’re just being a tool.


2 responses to “I Started Running But There’s Nowhere To Run To

  1. It is so wonderful to hear about Christian guys who are really concerned with being the leaders that they are called to be. It seems to me that such character is getting rarer and rarer. Guys don’t step up to lead, forcing the ladies to become the leaders. When the ladies are leading themselves, then the guys don’t see why they should step up. It becomes a dark, vicious cycle where everyone loses.

    I wish I could explain how encouraged I am to read about guys who care more about following Jesus wholeheartedly than popular opinion. I had believed the lie that such guys do not exist. Yet, here you are taking a public stand for what is right. Thank you.

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