Sinister Six

So, I find a lot of things to be very stupid.  You can often find me writing about them in different posts through my blog.  I haver varying reasons as to why I hate these things, but the fact reminds that I find them to be half passed dumb.  So here is my list of the six things I hate the most.

Ugg Boots


Ugg boots are the fashion equivalent to wearing potato sacks on your feet.  Not only are they completely hideous, everyone seems to think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.  And if there is something worse then then Ugg boots, it’s how much everyone conforms to loving them.  We’re gonna look back in 20 years and realize how stupid this fad was, and I personally can’t wait.

North Face


Unlike Ugg boots, north face jackets aren’t the ugliest fashion trend since slap bracelets.  My beef with North Face is that a jacket cost an arm and a leg, and people are willing to hand that much money over for a jacket JUST because it says “north face” on it.  You can get a equal quality jacket for a fraction of the cost from a generic retailer.  But nope.  People are willing to pay so much more money in order to say “Hey look, I can afford this!!”



My reason for hating macs differ from the previous unbearable products I have listed.  Like most good things in life, macs are ruined by their cult like consumers.  You know, the guy who refuses to use anything other then a Mac because it is below him.  Or that hipster girl who brings her mac to Starbucks to flaunt the fact that she has a macbook.  Or perhaps the college student who spends $1,000 on a macbook so they can surf the web and write papers.  If you are a graphic designer or a musican, sure… buy a mac.  20 year old college student?  Better ways to shepherd your money.


$20 says that guys on a Mac, and that’s why he cant afford shoes

When you buy starbucks, you’re buying the logo on that cup.  You’re told to go to starbucks because that’s where everyone who is anyone goes, despite the fact you can get superior coffee at other places for less money.  Starbucks will begin offering alcoholic drinks at certain restaurants across the country, because you will have to be drunk to pay those prices.  I once saw someone wearing uggs, a north face jacket, writing on their mac in starbucks.  I wanted to punch them.

Lord of The Rings

I watched these movies and thought they were the most boring movies ever.  Three hours of walking.  I was told the books are much better so I tried reading those but had to stop because I could not take one more three-page description about a tree.  Honestly, a pile of crap that these movies are even considered by some to be greater than or equal to the original Star Wars movies.  There is only one return, and it’s not of the king, it’s of the Jedi.  If you watch Lord of the Rings backwards, it’s about a short guy who finds a ring in a volcano, walks backwards for 9 hours, and then gives it to his uncle.


Twilight.  Nothing gives me less faith in humanity then those people who think Twilight is an actual example of fine literature for young adults.  I don’t support book burnings, but I would hardly classify Twilight as a book.  It’s like Stephenie Meyer took every bad young adult literature cliche known to man, put it inside this book, and out popped Twilight.  This book is so bad that part of me thinks Meyer is actually a literary genius who is actually mocking the genre by parodying itself, then I remember how dumb Stephenie Meyer is and realize that can’t be the case.  Not only did Twilight ruin vampires, it also made every desperately single 20+ year old woman show everyone how creepy they actually are.


9 responses to “Sinister Six

  1. Really Phil…”Better ways to shepherd your money.” This coming from the person who who spent a ton of money in the fall on an Xbox and new TV. No, You need to find better ways to shepherd your money, until then, don’t give people money advice.

    • $300 for a TV is a bit different then $1,000 for a Mac. Do you know what else I did with my money, Ray? I paid my rent, gave my parents some money for my moms medical bills, tithed, and put money into savings. I had some extra money so I bought some things for myself.

  2. I disagree with a lot of this.
    Uggs – the fact that you find these ugly and useless are no reason to judge those that do not. They’re not the ugliest things in the world, and they serve their purpose.
    North Face – the only thing I have North Face is a backpack. Which was my brothers. Simply because I needed a backpack. While I do find North Face to be ridiculously expensive, the merchandise does seem to be of good quality.
    Macs – I’ve never met someone who finds anyone who doesn’t use Macs below them. And some people just prefer Macs. What’s the big deal…?
    Starbucks – this is obviously the one I disagree with the most. Starbucks is expensive, yes. However it is the some of the strongest coffee you’ll find anywhere. And if you like strong coffee, every once in a while it’s certainly worth the money.
    Lord of the Rings – this I agree with. I tried to watch one of the movies, and I fell asleep. At like 6 pm.
    Twilight – the only thing I have to say about this is it doesn’t ruin vampires for everybody.
    It seems to me there are much better things to hate in this world, in my opinion.

  3. Macs, Starbucks, Twilight, and Uggs…..things that describe a modern day hipster. I like North Face though….great quality, but you can get other better quality products for a bit cheaper price. Totally agree on Lord of the Rings, I bandwagoned for a bit…but in all seriousness, screw those books and movies lol.

  4. I guess I don’t understand then…it is ok to buy a TV for $300 when you could have bought one that was $100 or less and while to two TV can do pretty much the same things. However, when someone buys a Mac (when all they need to do is surf the web and write papers.) It is not ok because they could have done the same with a PC which does cost less. Do I understand you correctly?

    • First Ray, I think you need to proof read your comments “to two TV”, that makes no sense. And no Ray, you don’t understand. I bought a moderately cheap TV that was on sale because I had some extra cash and didn’t have a TV to begin with. It would be a similar situation if I would had bought a $1,200 3D television and then struggled to pay my rent. If you can’t afford to pay your rent, you shouldn’t be buying Thousand dollar computers. Simple as that.

      You really need to take a step back and look at the situations before you start on your moral crusade.

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