So don’t expect a blog bashing Valentines Day, I actually really like the holiday even if I am single!  When I logged on to Facebook Valentines Day morning, I was flooded with two things, people gushing over how amazing their significant other was or how dumb and stupid the holiday is.  Honestly, the people who seem to think Valentines Day is just a worthless holiday are the people who upset me the most.  Out of all the holidays we have, you hate the one dedicated to love the most?  Surely there is something wrong this picture.

The classic objection to Valentines Day is how much of a manufactured and “hallmark”  event it is, which I will admit that is probably true.  However, you can’t tell me that almost every holiday isn’t the exact same way.  Mothers Day, Fathers Day, New Years, Halloween, 4th of July, and St. Patricks Day are all intended to sell you something (cards, alcohol, food, fireworks, candy, etc).  Where is the objection to these holidays?  I hardly ever see someone complain about how St. Patricks Day is a lump of rubbish and doesn’t even matter.

And to my Christan friends who hate Valentines Day for being commercialized, need I remind you how we celebrate the birth of our savior with buying material gifts and celebrate our forgiveness of sins with giant chocolate bunnies?  Hypocrisy at it’s finest.  Christmas has been whored out to the point where I’m sure a good amount of people couldn’t really tell you the “reason for the season”.  Surely we should be more outraged over the bastardization of the life and death of our savior and our God then we are about a holiday devoted to love.

And yes, I understand that we should show our love everyday of every month.  But where is the harm in setting aside one day of the year to really go above and beyond the call of duty?  I don’t see any problems with it!  If nothing else, it gives us an excuse to eat a lot of candy and buy giant stuffed animals.

And let us not forget that we can always celebrate the love of our savior.  “God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”, what better valentine could we possibly ask for?


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