And I’m The Cereal To Your Milk.

So last night I was talking with a friend when she made the comment that she was like drugs (we never found out if that was a good thing or a bad thing), but that’s when I made the startling conclusion that I am like cereal.  Why cereal you ask?  Well, I will let you know.

You see, everyone likes cereal.  Well, maybe not everyone but for the most part I think most people like cereal.  And I think most people like me.  But not many people love cereal.  Nobody races home to have a bowl of cereal after work or after school.  Cereal is just what you eat when you don’t really want to put an effort into cooking a real meal so you settle for cereal.  And I’m a pretty easy guy to be friends with and hangout with.  I’m almost always home so if you want someone to hangout with but don’t really want to go to a whole lot of effort of making plans and such, you just call me up because you know I will be available.

So that is why I am cereal.  Everyone likes me, nobody loves me, and I’m always free to hangout.  What type of food are you?


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