Why is it that the media has such a strong hold on our lives, that our entire psyche bends to appease it.  We’re so guilty of it, I know I am.  I don’t even know if it will ever be possible for me to have a normal relationship with a person because of the way I’ve been told relationships “should be” for the last 20 years.  It’s everywhere we look, you can’t shake it.  You want to be cool and hip?  Buy a Mac.  Want to be cute and popular?  Buy some Uggs.  Nothing is really even “real” anymore, I blame this on the MTV show “The Real World”. The old reason why The Real World was fun to watch is because the people on the show reminded us of people we knew in real life.  Now it’s to the point where people in real life remind us of people from “The Real World”.  We have replaced being interesting with being identifiable.  Even when we claim to hate labels, we just become that person who hates being labeled but yet lives up almost exactly to the stereotype society puts on them.

We live life to be happy, and since we were young we’ve been told we need things to be happy.  Buy a new flat screen TV, it will make your life better!  And it’s even worse in the movies, how do you be happy according to the movies?  Have a tragic love affair that would never work in the real world.  That’s what “true love” is.  Look at the notebook for example, Allie and Noah fall in love in the span of what, two or three months?  And those three months fuel years of aggression and built up aggression, until they finally meet again and fall right back in love.  That stuff simply does not happen.  But that’s always how it comes across in the movies.  That’s one reason why I love (500) Days of Summer, despite how cute they are together, how seemingly perfect they are together, and how bad Tom tries to make it work… it simply doesn’t work out in the end.  That’s true life right there.  It doesn’t always end up the way we want it too.

But there is one way for our lives to end up much better then any movie has ever ended, much better then any commercial ever tells us our lives will be with their product.  Jesus Christ.


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