These Are Hard Times for Dreamers

I hate telling people that I want to be a social worker, because everyone will give the same response.  Either they tell me I will get sick of it, give up, and do something else with my life… or they give me that patronizing “…good for you” reply.  It’s really frustrating, it’s my life and this is what God has called me to do, so everyone else just needs to get over it.  Now that I have that off my chest, let’s move on.

I’ve had some crazy writers block these past few weeks, hence why for the most part my blogs have been really short.  So how am I going to get past it?  I’m gonna write about my writers block!  I told myself that I will find my future wife this year, it probably won’t happen, but hey it’s a good goal.  All these people I know are getting engaged and married, it’s crazy!  So I’ve been reading a lot about the subject and I realize that I don’t need to pray for a wife, I need to pray to become a husband that I need to be.  There are plenty of great Christian girls out there, I just need to become a great Christian guy.

Friday night was a great night, I won a Nintendo Wii game and a stuffed puppy from that machine where you position the claw and drop it down and it snatches it.  Basically I was the boss last night.  Although I don’t have a Wii so I will probably try and return it and get the $50 for it.  So either way, it was a good good night.  I have yet to name the puppy, so if you have any suggestions let me know.

Next semester is going to be crazy!  I am taking 19 credit hours, which is the most I’v ever taken by the way, but I’m also starting seminary (which will be three classes)!  So I will be taking nine classes next semester, and I still need to find a job!  Basically, I’m going to be an adult next semester and I am not looking forward to it at all!  The end of this semester is going to be crazy, I have about 12 papers due and will be taking two huge finals.  But after that is Christmas break!  Woooo!


One response to “These Are Hard Times for Dreamers

  1. As a single Christian gal who’ s watched dozens of her friends get engaged and married, I totally can relate to the frustration you feel. I’ve prayed for God to remove the pain. I’ve been (perhaps foolishly) bold and asked Him to speed up this waiting because frankly, it stinks. Yet, He’s showing me that marriage is good, but not a higher priority than maintaining my relationship with Him. I’m learning how to be content, even if I don’t like my circumstances. I am having my heart refined. So if I meet him tomorrow, or a while from now I can still live a full and pleasing life. Stay strong and keep praying.

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