Fate Fell Short This Time

I figured I would share some things with my loyal readers that they may not know about me!  First, I love to read.  Absolutely love it.  Sometimes I will tell someone this and they will look at me like I’m lying, as if there is no way I could enjoy reading.  I’ve found that it’s normally my friends who spend all their free time studying that are surprised that I love reading.  Some of my favorite books include, but are not limited to: Watchmen, 1984, A clockwork Orange, and anything by Mark Driscoll.  A second Phil-fact regards my birthday.  You see, I have never really had a birthday party.  The last one I really had I was like 8 years old and nobody came to it (a reoccurring theme in my life if you know me well lol) so my parents never really threw me another one because they didn’t want it to be a huge let down.  Which, I understand, it just kind of sucked as a kid.  The best birthday present I could ever possibly get would simply be a birthday cake, or something like that.  A few weeks ago I changed my birthday on Facebook to the next day just to mess with people, a girl I know told me she almost bought me a cake at Kroger for my birthday, it really made me wish that it was actually my birthday because it would have been one of my best ones yet.  I guess it doesn’t help that my birthday is during the summer and all my college friends are usually away or I’m at camp.

It is really hard to become a close friend of mine, I mean a really close friend.  But once you make it to the top, I will do anything I can to help you out or to make your life a little easier.  That’s why I get offended when someone I consider one of my good friends won’t help me do something, especially something pretty small.  I know friendships shouldn’t be based on what you can get out of them, but it’s hard not to be offended when someone you would bend over backwards for won’t do the simplest of tasks to help you out.  One time, someone I considered a best friend forgot my birthday but got everyone together and threw another one of our friends a huge surprise party.  That hurt pretty deep.  Here’s a fun fact, I use a Batman toothbrush.  Nothing fights plaque quite as hard as the dark knight, that’s my logic anyways.

I’m a sucker for anything zombie, I’ve seen all the Romero movies and most of the other popular zombie movies to be released in the last 10 years, thought I only consider the Romero movies to be zombie cannon.  And to tag along with that, I am a huge comic book fan.  Alan Moore and Geoff Jones are my celebrities.  It kind of irks me when someone try’s to use comic books as a way to be a geek and to get girls to label him as the cute comic nerd.  Like if you haven’t read Watchmen or V for Vendetta, you aren’t fooling me!  I am a huge Denver Broncos fan, if you don’t know that then you obviously don’t care to get to know me.  Some of my favorite movies include Watchmen, Ninja Turtles, (500) Days of Summer, Inception, Star Wars, The Notebook, and The Departed.  I’m also in eager anticipation for the new Green Lantern movie coming out in June.  Also, pretty big fan of the Harry Potter movies even though I never read the books.  I have a pink iPod.  I didn’t choose to have a pink ipod, but I’m not gonna turn down a free ipod because of the color.  Well that about wraps it up for this edition of Phil-Facts!  If you want to know something, just comment on this blog and I’ll respond to it asap.


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