With You I’ll Share This Lonely View

Milkshakes melt and People change….

So I’ve tried to write a blog for the past few days and just can’t get what I want across.  I’ll go to write something and realize that it’s stupid and not good enough.  Then just now I was thinking “Who the heck am I?!  Since when has my blog become some holy grail where I have to meet some standard.”  I mean come on, it’s my blog!  So with that, I think I’m just going to post a random blog like I use to, not specific topic really.  Just a bunch of little ones.

I am really pumped for this school year.  At the end of the last year and most of this summer, I was really dreading coming back to Shawnee.  I wasn’t happy with how things were going, friendships, classes, everything really.  I really contemplated transferring to OSU or OU.  But in the end I decided to stick it out at least one more semester, and I am so glad I did.  It seems that God has just shown me so many reasons why I should stay here.  For starters, my good friend Micah enrolled for classes at Shawnee, so it’s awesome to have a friend at Shawnee who I see all year round and not just 8 months a year.  And secondly my new roommates are amazing, I really couldn’t ask for better ones.  We all get along greatly and have tons of fun together.  It’s great to have college roommates who you really “click” with.

I’m still not exactly sure what I want to do with the rest of my life, like I know I want to go into social work, but where in social work exactly.  I’ve always wanted to work with kids/youth and if I had to choose right now I would still say I do want to do that.  But I’m not 100% sold on it right now.  I’m really excited for the internship I have to do at Shawnee.  I’m hoping it will shed some light on what exactly I want to do.  Honestly, I would be happy leading the church youth group for the rest of my life.

One of the worst feelings in the world I feel is when you aren’t missed.  I always see on facebook people posting on each other’s walls with stuff like “I miss you!” and stuff like that.  And I’m just like, do you not miss me?  I guess I’m just being jealous and selfish, but it’s nice to be missed sometimes.  It’s good to know that you have impacted someone to the extent that they miss being with you when you aren’t around.

Football season is here, and boy is it about time!  I just love football.  Be it NFL, NCAA, High School, Semi-Pro, Madden, I just love football.  I love watching it on the weekends, I love reading it on ESPN and NFL.com, I love discussing it with friends and strangers, I just love everything about the sport!

Something I feel like I hide too much, probably because I don’t want to be judged for it (which is silly because I am who I am).  But I really enjoy professional wrestling.  I know it’s fake, but I just really enjoy watching it when I can.  So yeah, judge me if you want haha.


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