Motivation Proclamation

“Motivate me, I wanna get myself out of this bed.  Captivate me, I want good thoughts inside of my head…”

I have always struggled with finding motivation to do something or to complete something.  Always.  In high school I would barely (if at all) pass any of my classes.  It’s not because I’m stupid or didn’t understand, I would regularly ace my exams, it’s just that I frankly didn’t care at all.  I know that sounds horrible, but it’s the truth.  If I’m motivated, I know I can accomplish anything.  Heck I beat a entire pokemon game recently because I was motivated to (I know what you’re thinking, and yes that is quite the accomplishment).

Sometimes I will get these little spurts of motivation, and it’s wonderful.  I ace all of my courses at Shawnee, I get tons of reading done, I blog a lot, it’s just wonderful.  But then there are times where I am not motivated at all to do anything.  I just hibernate in my room, surf the internet, watch TV, that’s pretty much it.  And with my leg being broken, it’s even easier to be unmotivated because I am encouraged to not do anything.  I know it’s good for my leg not to do anything and I don’t want to, but I want to want to…. if that makes any sense.  So when you see me go more then a week without blogging I’m either away from internet (at camp) or I’m going through one of those unmotivated periods of time.

I think that’s how I’m going to find the woman I’m going to marry.  It will be the girl that motivates me, and not just motivates me on days we hang out, or not just motivate me to be a good partner.  But motivate me all the time, for everything.


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