There’s Nothing Quite Like It

There is nothing quite like Buckeye football, and until you experience I don’t think you can disagree with it.  There are a lot of small college towns that love their football.  But is there a bigger city then Columbus that revolves around the Buckeyes?  I don’t think so.  There is just something about the Buckeyes that is not like anything else.  When they win, you feel like it’s one of your accomplishments, when they lose you feel like you have failed.

I hope Heaven is like a football game.  All the Christians gathered at the same place, praising God.  Except there is no Michigan to root against (Michigan is clearly not in heaven in this example).  I just can’t can’t wait for the season to start.  To see the scarlet and grey run onto the field, the hopes of a National Championship, the granger of another Victory against that team up north.  A whole city alive with buckeye fever.

Yepp, there’s nothing quite like it.


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