God, Rocks, and Illogical Questions

So recently I was engaging with a atheist who thought he could shatter my reality with the question “Can God create a rock so heavy he can’t lift it?”

Instantly I thought about how illogical of a question that was, but apparently she thought that any answer would prove God to be not all powerful.  I kindly explained to them that God cannot do something that goes against his character.  For example, God cannot lie or God cannot cease being God.  But that obviously doesn’t make him any less perfect or any less powerful.  They didn’t buy it.  It made me upset how they assumed that flaw wasn’t in the question but in God.  I stewed on that for awhile, but it got me to thinking, do we (Christians) do much different?

How many times do we blame God for our own shortcomings?  How often do we place the flaw not on us, but on him?


One response to “God, Rocks, and Illogical Questions

  1. That is a kind of childish question being asked again and again by immature people. God is omniscient and omnipotent, so He can overcome all sorts of tests; but there is no other God to test Him, while all humans have no knowlege to test Him.
    God creates the atom that all huaman can carry.
    He creates the universe that no man can carry, not only by his physical power, but even His intellectual power. So man may imagine that God cannot turn the universe into an atom for all kids can lift; so would billions of universes be too heavy for God?
    Children can ask lots of questions that their fathers cannot answer, and that doesn’t mean that God is not omnipotent.

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