They’ve Confused the Word Love with Infatuation

We must learn that love is perfect, it never will fail
I’m ready to tell, its needed and forever prevails
It’s so glorious, I’m sure we need some more its true
The world’s confused and seems to have a distorted view
Most think love’s a sweet kiss, a nice statement in time
But don’t know that love is sacred, its patient and kind
It’s not filled with sinful jealousy, doesn’t brag and boast
It’s priceless and can’t be bought with a stack of dough
It’s so true. It’s not rude. It doesn’t seek its own
It’s selfless, I’m telling this because we need to know
It’s not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs
It forgives, it’s a blessing and forever is strong
It don’t delight in evil but it likes the truth
It’s liberating never fading and it’s righteous too
I’d like for you to put love first in here
It always protects, always trusts, hopes, and perseveres

I can’t stress enough the fact that love will never end
It’s eternal better than this other stuff so let it in
Such an unusual experience beyond expression
We need it, we gotta seek it, yeah love is a blessin’
Utter perfection, but something most guys will lack
So the remaining real question’s, “Where you find it at?”
I know you wondering if you don’t wanna die and miss love
Seek Christ, ‘cause the Bible says that GOD is Love
For GOD so loved the world, HE would redeem you and me
Yeah it was love that made HIM bleed and cling to a tree
That’s the truth, so without the SON you losing
HE shows love and for that there’s no substitution
We try to fill the void with things of all sorts
But let us stop settling for things that fall short
HE can be the lover of our souls turn now to Christ
Lookin’ for love? Well true love is found in Christ


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