Alone with the morning burning red on the canvas in my head

Painting a picture of you
And me driving across country, in a dusty old RV
Just the road and its majesty
And I’m looking at you with the world in the rear view

A snow day in Portsmouth means a much overdue authentic blog from Phil.  I don’t really have a topic that has itching to get loose on the interwebz though, so it will be more of a general blog.

I have yet to see Dear John, and that’s not cool.  I was suppose to go with some friends awhile back but got kicked to the curb because I’m a guy (a developing trend).  It’s so annoying, I love “chick flicks” but I never get to see them in theaters.  My female friends won’t go see them with me, my guy friends sure as heck won’t, and I don’t have a girlfriend to go see them with.  So basically I’m out of luck until they come on TV for free years later.  It’s frustrating!

I wish there was someone I could just sit down with for hours and share my whole life story.   Not just the main points, but the little things that make me happier then a lot of the main stuff.  Stuff that most people would think is completely irrelevant to the story.  And more then that, I wish there was someone who would ask me about it lol.  It’s a good feeling to be able to share your life with someone, but it’s even better when they are the ones who want to know it.

I really can’t wait until I through college, I am excited and scared to bits.  I have a few plans I’m looking at for after school and I am in love with them all.  Whether it involves planting a church, moving to Boston, or anything else.  I just can’t wait to see what God has in store for me at “the next level” of life.

(You can’t tell, but I took like a two hour break when I wrote this to order pizza, wait for about an hour for said pizza, then return and finish my blog.)

My friend Aleshia is probably one of the greatest people I know.  I just wanted to give her a special shout-out here.  She can always cheer me up when I’m feelin’ blue.  She’s gonna do great things one day!


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