Forget about Frustrating Female Friends, lets talk about Good Godly Girls

So the other day I over heard some of my friends talking, I won’t list any names but I over heard one part that stood out to me.  It went something like “No girl is ever more attractive to a guy because she loves God.  It’s never like “Ooh she really loves God, that’s so attractive!””  As you can see, and if you have read my blogs before, you know that I find a Godly woman to be so much more attractive then worldly women.  And I’d be willing to bet that if a guy is worth the time of a Good Godly Girl, then he will find her so much more attractive because she loves God.

But let’s examine how to spot a Triple G (Good Godly Girl), anymore you can’t just go to church or you’re weekly youth group to meet Triple G’s.  So many of todays youth (male and female) go to church every week but aren’t living for the Lord, so how do you spot a Triple G?  Let’s start with the most obvious; the outer appearance.  A Triple G isn’t going to be caked up in all that make-up, she knows that the woman she is a beautiful servant of the Lord, she knows that her beauty is her Godliness and she doesn’t have to flaunt it because it’s obvious.  She will also be mindful of how she dresses.  She’ll know that guys’ minds work differently and will help guard her brothers in Christ by dressing modestly.  That doesn’t mean she has to hid behind her clothes, but she doesn’t show off every curve the Lord has blessed her with and doesn’t go around showing her underwear (which apparently is okay these days).

If you’re still reading this thinking the girl in your mind has made it this far, well good!  But looks aren’t everything, nor the most important.  A Triple G’s best feature is her soul, her wonderful and God fearing spirit.  A true Triple G should be able to share her beliefs with you and be able to stand beside them.  Like the bible says, we need always be prepared to make a defense of the faith, and that goes for Triple G’s as well.  More then likely you will find a Triple G reading her bible early in the morning before the day begins or late at night before she goes to bed to reflect on her day, or quite possibly both!  The important thing is, a Triple G is in the word!

Now that you know how to spot a Triple G, don’t just sit here, get out there!

*If I may make one final note, this may just be me, but I find it so much more attractive when I don’t know where a girls clothes come from.  If she’s wearing a shirt with a big ol’ Hollister  logo all over it, I get the impression that she is trying to show off.  Almost as if she is saying “Hey!  Look wear I shop!  That’s right, I have more money then you!”  That could just be me though.  But if I could give females one tip, it’s that guys don’t know what kind of clothes you are wearing.  It doesn’t matter if you spent $75 on those jeans or $25 at walmart, we can’t tell!  Save yourself some money.


3 responses to “Forget about Frustrating Female Friends, lets talk about Good Godly Girls

  1. Whatever guys say “No girl is ever more attractive because she loves God” is NOT the type of guy i want! ughhhhhhh that is so annoying that some guys think that!

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