It’s Been a Year Filled with Problems….

But now you’re here
Almost as if to solve them

So I guess this is when I post the token “Year in Review” blog post discussing everything that has happened this year.  Let’s see, what hasn’t happened this year!  Back in January, I started at Shawnee State, a decision that would truly change my life.  February was when I really became friends with Dylan and Katie, good times.  We still need to go to Biscuit World!  March and April is when I really started getting close with my best friend Brittany Nidy, one of my favorite memories is staying up talking til 5am in Katie’s living room.  May is when I finished my first semester of college and when I moved in with the guys.  June marked the beginning of a two month spiritual journey like no other.  I started working at Scioto Hills in June, I was so nervous near the beginning.  It seemed like almost everyone knew eachother and knew so much more about the bible then I did, but as the summer passed I became comfortable.  Absolutely the best summer of my life, met some lifelong friends along the way.  A bunch of quotes, inside jokes, a few future groomsman, and a much deeper relationship with God later, the summer was over and it was time to get back to “reality”.

In August school started back up, same old routine.  I spent much of September and October overthinking every little detail that happened, boy was I a mess!  November in retrospect was a pretty good month, went on my first date with a very awesome girl.  It didn’t work out, but we are good friends now.  I also lost a very close friend in November, and Im still not sure how that happened.  December has been a toss-up so far.  I can’t seem to escape the Portsmouth drama even when I go home.  But I do get to hangout with my awesome Cedarville/Columbus friends Matt, Katelynn, and Mocha.  I ended the semester quite well, with the highest GPA I have ever gotten in school, a 3.09!  Christmas is a weird time, it’s suppose to be about love and such, but my family almost always fights more this time of year over the most ridiculous things.  I would like to end this post in a very thanksgiving type fashion, by giving thanks for some things I am very greateful for this year.

  • Lecrae
  • The Office
  • Jennifer Reynolds (Seriously, I don’t know what I would have done without you! haha)
  • Brittany Nidy (My best friend)
  • Katelynn Comers
  • Bigelow Church
  • Andrea Lavender
  • Grace (Duh!  Where would I be without grace?!)

Please don’t take offense if I did not list you, I couldn’t possibly list EVERYTHING I am thankful for this year.


2 responses to “It’s Been a Year Filled with Problems….

  1. well isnt this just a precious blog! dude i am so thankful for you too!
    i seriously cannot believe i jsut met you in january, so only for one year i have known you. seriously it feels like SO much longer that is crazzzyyy! i love it!!! im so excited for the new year!!!! bring on 2010 and more friendship growth with each other and closer to God! yay!! 🙂

    • How I know, it’s been crazy! I’ve only known you guys for a year and I’m way closer to you guys then any of my friends from High School! 😀

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