I Want to Do it All!!!

I have so many goals in life it is ridiculous!  I doubt I can ever accomplish them all, since it inclues like 5 career choices haha!

  • I want to graduate from College
  • I want do tons of research on Social Darwinism
  • I want to get a masters in criminology
  • I want to be a certififed biblical counselor
  • I want to get married the woman of my dreams
  • I want to raise kids in a Godly way
  • I want to help abused and neglected animals
  • I want to counsel abused, neglected, and hurt kids
  • I want to visit Salvation Mountain
  • I don’t want to worry
  • I want to be able to provide for my family
  • I want to have such a close relationship with someone we can just exchange looks and know what we are thinking
  • I don’t ever want to complain about my job
  • I never want to have a petty argument with my wife over nothing
  • I want to always have those butterflies when I look at my wife
  • I want to make someone elses dream come true
  • I want to sleep on a beach
  • I want to go to Jareds
  • I never want to be comfortable in life
  • I want to have a 24-hour meaningful conversation
  • I want to travel via train somewhere

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