I’d rather have the truth than something insincere.

As a college student who hangs out with college students, there is something you just can’t escape.  Relationships and drama.  It’s being in Super High School or something, its ridiculous.  But it’s always the same, when people are not in a relationship they are always like “I don’t need a boyfriend/girlfriend.  All I need is God!”  Then in a few months when they get into a relationship, it’s like they forget all that and their one thing because their boyfriend/girlfriend.  It’s plain stupid.  I totallygain so much  respect for the few people I know who do not put their relationships ahead of God.  And the girls that I know that refuse to put boys in front of God or so much more attractive because of it.  I can’t speak for every christian guy, or even most, but I know the girl I end up dating and marrying isn’t going to put me ahead of God.

The semester is finally over, and boy did it take long enough!  I’m pretty sure if the semester would have been any longer I would have died!  haha.    I enjoyed my classes this semester for the most part, which is a pleasent change of pace.  I’m nervous for next semester though, I’m taking a lot more credits then im use to and a lot of them are pretty difficult courses.  So hopefully I can really buckle down and get it done and over with.  I make fun of sociology quite a bit, but I really do enjoy it as  a major, I feel like it fits me pretty perfectly lol.  I really need to find a job, like if I don’t find a job within a month of starting school back in jan. I don’t think I will be able to afford to live in portsmouth anymore.  So please if you know of anyone or anyplace hiring, let me know.  I don’t have a car so delivery boy is out lol.


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