Whoa, a blast from the past!

So I just remembered I have a myspace, shocker right?  So I was going through it and began reading some of my old blogs.  Just thought it would be fun to post them here to see who far I’ve truely come.  So this first one is titled “stuff”, I was pretty creative with titles I must say.  It was posted Friday, June 13, 2008.  So little bit after my high school graduation.

Do you ever feel like breaking down?  Do you ever feel out of place?  Do you lock yourself in your room?  Do you wanna be somebody else?  Are you sick of feeling so left out?  Are you desperate to find something more?  Are you stuck inside a world you hate?  Are you sick of everyone around?

Because I am.

I’ve never really felt more alone then I do now.  This fall most of my friends, including my best, are moving away to go to college.  I’m not mad because I was going to move 4 states away.  So a lot of my friends are moving away, and they’re gonna be living together so they are gonna grow closer, which is good for them.  And some of my other friends still live in Minnesota and since I can’t move there now, It’s like I’m stuck with being alone now.  Like, I’ve always felt alone to some extent, but now it’s almost 100%.  And when I try to talk about it with some people, they get mad at me for either talking about it or being bummed out.  I’m always there for other people, but when I need someone’s shoulder to lean on, all of a sudden I’m a burden.

Next month is my 18th B-Day party, and it will probably be the last time me and my friends ever really hang out together.  It should be pretty fun party though.  Random note: I love how I’m considered a “Prude Christian” because I don’t drink or do drugs.  My belief in jesus has 0% to do with me being Straight Edge.  Honestly, if you’re gonna lable me, at least do it right.

I hate how I’m almost 18 and I have no direction in my life and nothing to show for the last 18 years.  Almost everybody I know, knows what they want to do with their lives, or they have a nice steady job, or they have a loving relationship, or hell, some of them have kids.  I on the other hand, I go to bed at 5 AM, wake up at 2 PM, surf the internet all day and at night I watch wrestling.  I’ve always been told to be myself and be a nice guy and that I will find a girl who loves me for me.  And when try to talk to people about this, they love telling me that I’m only 17.  Ok, so I’m 17 maybe I shouldn’t be with Mrs. Right yet, but I should have at least found Mrs. Wrong, right?  I also love how I always get rejected cause I’m either too nice or too much of a friend.  Haha, could their be a bigger pile of [explitive]?

I know so many girls that either date Jerks, weirdos, or just creepy guys for weird reasons.  So yea, I guess this is the end of this little blog.  Oh, one more thing I would like to point out.  I’m the kind of guy who has a house full of condoments but no food.  When I first came up with that I just said it cause it was funny, but thinking about it has made me see, that I am that type of guy.

Hahaha, I started a blog with simple plan lyrics.  Man was I messed up!



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