That’s not a miracle, that’s just the Browns!

Me and my Dad do not have the best relationship on the planet, not by a long shot.  It is something that we are working on, and getting better at.  But one thing I have always respected about him, is his loyalty to his favorite football team, the Cleveland Browns.

Granted, I tease him every year, and who can blame me.  It doesn’t help that my favorite team (The Broncos) have beaten the Browns the last few years they have played.  But none the less, he sticks with them every week and every season.  He has been a Cleveland Browns fan his entire life, he grew up in their glory years and suffered from those five miserable years when Baltimore stole the Browns from Cleveland.

I remember when the Browns re-entered the league, I think that was the first NFL game I really ever “watched”.  And needless to say, I did not become a Browns fan lol.  But after 11 years back in the league, they are on their way to their 8th losing season.  And when the Browns lose, they don’t just lose, they get destroyed.  They recently lost to the Packers 31-3, an outcome that surprises no one any longer.

But did he jump ship after years of failure, of course not; what does he look like a patriots fan?  Did he come out of the woodwork and become a Browns fan the year they went 10-6?  Nope, he’s not a bengals fan either.  He is a browns fan, every week.  Whether the QB is Tim Couch, Kelly Holcomb, Jeff Garcia, Trent Dilfer, Charlie Frye, Derrek Anderson, or Brady Quinn.  And you have to respect that.


2 responses to “That’s not a miracle, that’s just the Browns!

  1. I dunno man, its like the browns don’t even have to earn his loyalty. No need to play well or produce results, he’ll just be blindly stubbornly loyal. A fan who makes no demands of his team. I don’t think that’s a good thing. Anyone can be stubborn. Making predictions and analysing teams before commiting yourself…that takes brains.

  2. If you had a child who kept failing and failing, would you give up on them? Of course not. Part of being a loyal fan is being their through the ups and the downs. I cant honestly say I know of any loyal fans (not bandwagoners) who “analyise” a team before picking a favorite.

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