I’m lookin’ in the mirror like oooh, yes!

Hair, check!
Shoes, check!
A brand new fit, lookin’ cool, check!
I’m lookin’ in the mirror like oooh, yes!
A cover for an insecure dude, check!

Lately I’ve realised that almost all of our problems stem from not placing our idenities in Christ.  It’s a mistake I think we are all guilty of sometime or another in our lives.  We seem to place our idenities in something other then God, wheather that be politics, sports, women, men, looks, money, clothes, approval, or anything else!  How much happier would we be if we just placed our indenities in Christ like we are told to do?  The impact that would have on our lives would be remarkable!  Imagine not worrying about how you look or wheather or not you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.  This is something I am trying to work on very hard, and I feel that I have progressed very far.

I’m not the shoes I wear
I’m not the clothes I buy
I’m not the house I live in
I’m not the car I drive, no
I’m not the job I work
You can’t define my word
We’re livin’ on God’s reverse
Identity in found in Christ, found in Christ


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