In a house of 10 guys, I am alone.

I live in a house with 9 other guys, most of whom I would consider friends.  Yet, I don’t “click” with any of them.  They are either mean to me, ignore me, or look down upon me for something or another.  I love them, but I hate the way they treat me.  When I try to bring it up, they just brush it off as me over-reacting or a misunderstanding.  I don’t play (or even like for that matter) soccer, I can’t play guitar, I can’t drive, I’m not artistic, and I’m not chasing girls.  I just don’t fit in.  I hate it, it’s one of the worst feelings in the world!  I have two friends who I can trust completely telling things to; but one is a girl so I can’t share a lot with her, and the other one is now Married and I hardly ever see him.  It’s really just heart breaking.  A lot of them look down on me for holding a reformed theology, it is really annoying because I am pretty sure they don’t even know much about it.  It is just pretty stressful.

On a lighter note, I found a puppy today!  As I was leaving innermission today to go to my music app. class, I came across a girl and a puppy she told me she found the little guy just wondering around.  Everytime she put him down on the ground he would run into traffic.  So I called my roommate tyler who was just across the street hanging out at innermission.  I asked him to watch the puppy while I went to class but he refused and said whatever would happend would happend, survival of the fittest.  I hung up the phone in dissapointment, but I didn’t know what else to do, I wished the girl good luck and went on my way.  As I was walking away, I couldn’t stop thinking about the little puppy in the parking lot.  Animals have a soft place in my heart, I use to want to work with them.  I felt guilty for walking away and leaving the puppy with the girl.  I turned around and saw the puppy chasing me.  I realised then I couldn’t leave the puppy.  So I made a few phone calls and nobody would help me with the pup.  I was running out of options.  Then out of no where, my best friend Brittany comes walking through the parking lot over to me and the puppy (the girl has left at this point.).  I talk to her and try convincing her to let me take the puppy over to her place for awhile, because she has a fenced in yard.  Then the puppy starts wondering off and Brittany is talking how the puppy doesn’t even want to come with us.  She then says if I can get the dog over to her in 30 seconds we can take him to her place.  Well wouldn’t you know, as soon as she said that, he turns around and comes running back to us.  So needless to say, we talk the little guy over to Brittanys place, gave him water and some food and named him Chaco (as in Chaco taco).

I know that just sounds like a sweet story, but it really reminds me of how God works.  Let’s analyze how everything fell into place.

  • I missed my ride to school and had to walk to school
  • I decided to stop by innermission to hang out for a moment
  • If I would’ve left innermission 3 minutes earlier the dog wouldn’t have been their yet
  • Brittany gets out of lab an hour early and walks across the parking lot
  • Chaco comes running to Brittany when she gives him a 30 seconds time limit

Wow.  🙂


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