You can’t define my worth

I’m not the shoes I wear. I’m not the clothes I buy
I’m am not the house I live in I’m not the car I drive
I’m not the job I work You can’t define my worth
By nothing on God’s green earth, my identity is found in Christ

How awesome is it that our identities as Christians, are found in Christ, or at least they should be.  I am certainly not perfect at this, but I am trying very hard to be better at it.  But I see some friends and other people around me that just can’t grasp that concept that their idenity should only be found in Christ.  Not in their looks, not in their cars, not in their possesions, and certainly not in their girlfriends/boyfriends.  I remember when I use to define myself by my Friends and what stuff I had, and I just wasn’t happy.  But once I gave my idenity over to Christ, I almost instantly became happier.  When my Idenity is found in Christ, I don’t have to worry about what defines me or what makes me, well me.

In Christ she is loved she secure and accepted
She’ll never be rejected by God who’s elected her
Her beauty is her Godliness
And she ain’t gotta try to flaunt it cause it’s obvious


2 responses to “You can’t define my worth

  1. this is so true, our idetity should be in Christ, but so many times we get lost and listen to the lies of this world.
    I like it brother, oh and what song is that from??

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