Apart from You I’m Nothing but You Can Give Me Worth

You were stabbed you were murdered and for me is why you bled
But I spit on your bloody face as If I never cared
And Lord how dare I compare my pain
Your father turned his back and you were left to hang
I don’t know why you did it that I cant explain
How can you love this sinner whose desecrated your name

Sometimes, I just need that reminder.  The world is so full of sin, everywhere you look, it’s there.  It’s calling to you.  Even in our Christian circles, we are faced with behaviors that we know are not Christ-like.  We are told to confront them face to face in a Christian way, but can you do that when you yourself are not acting very Christ-like?  Can a Prostitute tell a Thief that he needs to turn his life around?  If course they can, but would the thief take the advice?  Probably not.  But that’s how Satan works.  We know we need to be on guard when we are “in the world”, but we quite often lower our guard when we are around our Christian brothers and sisters, and I feel that is when it is the most easy to fall.  What do you think?


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