Scioto Hills

This summer has been great so far!  I have been working at Scioto Hills Christian Camp this summer and it has just been so awesome.  Living in a enviroment that is just 100% focused on God is mind-blowing.  The fact that I only make about a dollar an hour doesn’t effect me at all, I am not doing this for the money at all.  It is also good to live without internet, cable, or cell phone for weeks on end.  I have learned and grown so much this summer, and I still have another month left!!!


One response to “Scioto Hills

  1. That’s great Phil! Scioto Hills is such an encouragement to me, to see that there is a place locally where so much awesomeness is happening in the name of Christ! I was a camp counselor when I was about your age too, it’s totally exhausting but so rewarding! I am so glad you have had this opportunity. I will be praying for the camp in the next month and also for you specifically that God gives you many opportunities for growth and uses you in amazing ways!

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