Stardate: -314399.42

(Thats the real stardate for right now, you can look it up if you dont believe me!)

Thought I would give all my loyal readers an update, yes both of ’em.

My back is feeling almost 100% better!  I have to go back to the hospital tomorrow for them to take the packing out (even though I can do it myself, and I just might too) before I got back to Portsmouth.  I bought everything I needed for camp the other day too, Im super excited for camp!  I really hope I can pass on some knowledge to the campers.  My dad got a job, so yay for that!  Me and my friends girlfriend are going back and forth right now about Christianity, she’s one of the people who feels that Christianity is the root of all evil.  Cavs play tonight, down 2-1.  Mo Williams promised a victory so lets see if he can deliver on it!


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