The End of a Chapter

The first semester of my college life is officially over!  Yay!!!

I’d like to take this time and reflect on how much I have changed.

I came to Shawnee because I didn’t want to enter the workforce just yet, and I wanted to have the typical college experience: Friends, drinks, girls, etc etc.  It was pretty shallow and pretty pathetic.  And wouldn’t you know it, they roomed me with one of the hardest drinkers on campus it turns out.  But for some reason, I felt an urge to attend a campus crusade for christ meeting.  Once I found out when and where they met, I showed up and met people.

The first week I met some people and shook some hands, nothing drastic; and it didnt really effect me throughout the week.  But the following week I went back and was invited out to Buffalo Wild Wings after the meeting, and I went.  There I began to talk to more people and was invited to a concert that weekend.  That made me feel incredibly happy, most people do not take the initive to talk to me first, let alone ask me to hang out after a few horus of knowing me.  Needless to say I went to the concert with Dylan, Katie, Squire, Luke, and Tyler.  And from that day on, my life has really be changed.

I have always believed in God and had faith, but I wasn’t really living for the Lord until I got to college (Ironic since I went to college to pretty much live against him).  It was a huge turning point in my life.  I have never been around peers my own age who shared similar beliefes as me.  I have grown so much in my faith in the last few months it is unbeliveable.  I use to believe all you had to do was live a good life and you would go to heaven.  I didn’t base that on anything besides how I wanted it to be like.  But the more I read scripture and talked to people, the more messed up that seemed!  I am proud to say that I no longer believe that way.  Christ is the only way!!!!!   🙂

The one thing I will always remember is when Dylan took me out to lunch at Gattis Pizza after about two weeks of knowing eachother.  We talked for awhile about God, Jesus, Heaven, Scripture, everything you could think of.  He introduced me to his beliefes and how he felt, as well as other beliefes.  It really opened my eyes to many things I have never even heard of, let alone consider (and no, not just Calvinism lol).  I look up to Dylan greatly as a friend and a brother in Christ, I love him dearly.

Dylan is not the only good friend I have made this past year.  I have become very close with Brittany as well, she is like a sister to me!  Tyler, Luke, Eddie, Katie, Kristin, Andrea, Jeff, Aaron, Adam, Lindsey, Jenn, Jamie, Miranda, Lauren, Ray, Abby, Bethany, Mallory, Jeremy, Josh, Shell, Kirsten, Donche, Jordan, and so many more that I just cant be asked to name off!  I love you all so very much, you have all impacted my life in one way or another.  Thank you all so much 🙂


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