And Life’s Not Blowin’ her Kisses Thanks to You

I told the girl that you should treat her like a lady and

She told me all the things you did and it was shady, man

She said that what you say and what you do are different things

While you were telling me that you were checking out them blingy rings


If there is one thing that really gets under my skin, it’s when a guy treats his girlfriend (are really any girl) like crap.  It really ticks me off.  Growing up, my aunt was abused by her husband and she stayed with him for about 14 years after it started, and I have no patience for a type of guy who would do that.  Luckily she got out of the relationship and is doing much better now.  But I keep encountering the problem in life.


In high school I had a friend who treated his girlfriend like she was worthless, but she just stayed with him.  He told me once that he had sex with a girl while he was still with his girlfriend, and then tried to blame the girl he cheated with for it!  Needless to say, after I found out about that our friendship basically ended, I won’t be friends with someone like that.  I came across that often in High School, as well as just people I know of in college.  Luckily I am not friends with any of these people and just know them through other people, but some of these relationships are just not healthy for either the man or the woman.


It also upsets me when a guy talks about how they would hit a girl if she hit him first, and they pull the “If she wants to act like a man, I will treat her like one!” card.  That doesn’t work.  I would defend myself, but if a girl just slapped me or punched me, I wouldn’t hit her back (even though I am sure she would be much stronger than me!), I would only do so if I absolutely had to, in order to stop the situation from escalating.


I feel as though we should treat girls much better and with much more respect than we do with other guys.  Men shouldn’t curse around girls or talk inappropriately when they are with them, they should protect them.  I think that all girls should be treated as if they are princesses (so to speak, I am not going to go buy every girl I know a pony and a castle) but they should be treated as if they are you’re little sister.  Maybe I am old fashion, but that is how I feel.


She said it’s gonna be alright

Cause God made a way through the pain and he opened her eyes

And she said you came crawling back

But after what you did to her she wouldn’t have any of that


One response to “And Life’s Not Blowin’ her Kisses Thanks to You

  1. I totally agree. I also think that girls need to be careful about what they do around guys (act like you grandfathers in the room). By looking out for the other parties needs everybody wins. Good thoughts- keep writing.

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