And you can’t see past the blood on my hands
To see that you’ve been aptly damned
To fail and fail again

I spend a lot of time on the internet, it use to be all spent on websites like facebook, myspace, and other dumb wastes of time.  But lately, I have been spending time on message boards; debating religion.  Yes I know what you are thinking, arguing online is like the Special Olympics; even if you win you are still retarded.  And to an extent I believe you are right, but not always.  I can’t say that I have ever posted something that has made someone go “Oh, he’s right.  I better go worship God now.” But I like to think that I have been planting the seed for someone else to come along and water.  I know for a fact I have cleared up a lot of misconceptions about Christians and the Christian faith.  The one thing I keep running across is why Christians think they are better than everyone else.

We don’t think we are better than Atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, or anyone.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  We are all sinners, undeserving to go to Heaven.  God is so holy and so good that nothing can enter his kingdom unless it lives up to his standards and his law, and I think we can all agree that none of us are perfect.  So with that being said, nobody, not even Christians deserve to go to Heaven.  But the difference is Christians have been forgiven.  When God judges us, he doesn’t see us and our sins; he sees Jesus Christ and his blood that was paid to forgive us.

I use to think that if you were a good person, God would take mercy on you and you would end up in Heaven.  I thought that for several years.  But I never really studied scripture when I thought that way; it was just how I felt.  But looking back, I was stupid; I believed something was right just because I felt like it was a good idea.  God isn’t going to grade us on a curve; he is going to grade us according to his answer key.  And we have gotten every question wrong.  Christians aren’t going to fail the test because we admit that we did badly and that we need God to help us study (wow I came up with that analogy by myself, I am quite proud of that! lol).

Cause we’re all guilty of the same things
We think the thoughts whether or not we see them through
And I know that I have been forgiven


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